Rescue Coaching

Rescue Coaching

Rescue Coaching (Rehearsal) Services – Tracey

Although employers do their part to ensure their employees competency within the workplace, these competency checks are only able to guarantee that a worker or operator is competent at the time they were assessed. When it applies to rescue scenarios, certain skill sets degrade or require updating or refreshing over time, especially if these skill sets are not utilized on a regular basis.

There are a number of competency checks within certain tasks that must reach a minimum benchmark or industry standard in order to be deemed as competent.

Under the legislation, employers must provide “suitable and adequate” training to protect persons from risks to their health and safety at work such as;

1. Establish first aid procedures and rescue procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency in a confined space or when working at heights.
2. Ensure that the procedures are practiced as necessary to ensure that they are efficient and effective.

In addition to reviewing rescue plans for all working at heights or confined space operations, we will conduct and evaluate rescue rehearsals specific to your work site. 

With our coaching or guided rehearsals, this will ensure that your Rescue Team will be more confident and adequately prepared should an incident occur. 

At best, Industry standards for any high risk task or work activity that involves rescue of workers, whether it be from height, water applications, or confined spaces to name a few, are based typically on a two (2) year retention level.

Coaching or guided rehearsals allow us to identify any deficiencies in techniques or knowledge base and fill in the gaps to bring team members up to date with changes to legislation, technology or best practice.

In the instance where a worker is constantly applying their skills at work, there is a greater likelihood of them retaining the majority of required skills and knowledge with required tasks. In this case, we do not need to re-train the worker and can simply challenge them and perform an evaluation or verification of their abilities to perform specific skill sets such as, RESCUE. Increasingly, employers are determining that undertaking this direction with their Rescue Teams is a time-efficient and cost-effective method of ensuring that the Rescue Team members can demonstrate competency.

Along with review of rescue specific skill sets, we will also review all Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and action plans pertaining to specific tasks such as work at height or Confined Space entries for upcoming projects and work with your teams to ensure they are confident with their abilities to carry out simple to complex scenarios that may occur during projects.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will speak with you about the number of team members or workers and their skillsets that require evaluation and with confirmation, perform these assessments on site. Prior to working with your team members, each member must provide evidence that they have already undertaken formal training and hold a valid certificate pertaining to an industry standard.

Team members or workers who are unable to demonstrate the required level of competency identified during the rescue coaching or rehearsals, will receive written feedback regarding the elements of competency that were deficient, and the nature of the practical component that requires specific training prior to re-assessment. We often consult workers who are unable to demonstrate the required level of competencies in question.

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