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Here we answer some of the most common questions.

1. How do I register for a program?

  • Please CALL our main office number at: (403) 287-8578
  • or EMAIL us at: mail@responsesafety.ca
  • or TEXT us at: (403) 403-850-8578

2. What is the start time for the programs?

  • We ask students to arrive between 7:45 am – 8:00 am to fill out their registration forms with all programs starting at 8:00am SHARP

3. What time do the programs run until?

  • Program starts at 8:00 am and finish usually close to 4:30 pm.
  • The instructor will inform students during the program if they anticipate the program may run later than 4:30 pm

4. What if I have to cancel or reschedule my program?

  • We require two (2) full business days to either cancel or reschedule any open registration program on our calendars or full charges will still apply. (NO REFUNDS)

5. What are my options if I can’t make the program on my scheduled date?

  • Please call as soon as you are aware that you are not be able to make your scheduled program.
  • We allow substitutions if you have someone that can take your scheduled spot.
  • If we are able to fill your spot prior to the scheduled program, we will reschedule your program at no extra charge to you.

6. What if I am late for the program?

  • Our programs start at 8:00 am sharp and to be fair to all students that are on time, we must reschedule any late attendees for an additional program registration fee.

7. Do you have parking?

  • Yes, we offer free parking however, in most cases we will have someone on the property directing you where to park when you arrive for the programs in the morning.
  • Should you leave for lunch, please ensure that you are courteous when re-parking as to not take up to much room for other student parking.

8. Is lunch provided?

  • Unfortunately we do not provide lunch as part of our services. For group training programs, we can arrange to have food brought into the facility for convenience.

9. How long is lunch break?

  • Each program presented can warrant a different length of time for coffee and lunch breaks however, most programs break for coffee at around 10:00 am & 3:00 pm. Lunch is typically around 12:00 pm and ranges from 45 minutes to an hour.

10. Are there places nearby for lunch?

  • There are a number of restaurants in close proximity to our training facility within a short driving distance. Check out our Location Page for a list of nearby restaurants.

11. Do you offer training programs on the weekend?

  • Our open registration programs are scheduled from Monday – Friday. we do however offer programs on weekends for client’s that have a minimum group of ten (10) or more students.

12. What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We accept payment for our programs by;
  • VISA, MasterCard, Debit, or Company Cheque.
  • Unfortunately, we DO NOT accept AMEX (American Express).

13. Will I receive a certificate for completion of the program?

  • All students that fully participate and successfully pass a written examination, will receive a TEMPORARY certificate on the day of the program.

14. When & Where will my PERMANENT Certificate be sent?

  • Permanent certificates will be completed and mailed within 30 – 40 days of completion of the program.
  • They will be mailed to the address filled out on the registration form you complete the day of the program.
  • Students enrolled and paid by their companies, certificates will be mailed directly to the person enrolling you in the program.

15. How do I go about getting a replacement certificate?

  • If you have lost or require a replacement certificate, please call our office #: (403) 287-8578 and we will verify your certification and can reproduce a new certificate for a nominal fee.

16. I have lost my H2S Alive certificate, how do I order a replacement?

  • Replacement H2S Alive certificates are administered directly from Energy Safety Canada. for further assistance, please call Energy Safety Canada direct at: 1 (800) 667-5557

17. Does your facility have WIFI?

  • Our facility doesn’t have public WIFI at this time.

18. Can you send my certificate to my home address even though my employer paid for the program?

  • No, unfortunately, our policy is to send the certificate to the person paying for the program.

19. Is it a requirement to take Confined Space Level I program before I can take the Level II-R, or Level III program?

  • No, both Level II-R and Level III Confined Space training programs are designed to offer the same initial content with different levels of information or hands-on examples.

20. What is the difference between Confined Space Level I and Confined Space Level II-R?

  • Confined Space level I program is a classroom THEORY ONLY program to give participants general knowledge of Confined Space hazards and controls.
  • Level II-R program is the Industry Standard Level of training which covers all the information in the level I program with additional emphasis on elimination and control of CS hazards with a hands-on practical component in our confined space simulator.

21. What is the difference between Emergency First-Aid (EFA) and Standard First-Aid (SFA)?

  • Emergency First-Aid is a one day training program that covers life threatening scenarios.
  • Standard First-Aid covers all information in the emergency program and covers wound care, poison, splinting, environmental concerns etc.

22. What level of CPR is covered in your Open Registration programs?

  • We offer Level “C” CPR (Infant, Child, Adult) with all of our Open Registration programs.

23. What do Levels A / B / C / BLS represent for levels of training for First-Aid?

  • Please check our our website program information for CPR/AED training.

24. For the H2S Alive program, do I need to be clean shaven?

  • We would suggest that if you are participating in this program that you attend clean shaven however, it is not required as part of the program.

25. What options do you offer for H2S Alive renewal certification?

  • Energy Safety Canada offers a blended program option for re-certification for the H2S Alive program, if you hold a valid certificate

26. How often do you offer ATV / Snowmobile training programs?

  • Both of these training programs are seasonal programs and we post our Open Registration programs on line as soon as we have all the logistics in order.

27. Am I still able to participate in the ATV or Snowmobile program without a machine?

  • A machine is required to participate in the above programs however, if you do not have a machine, we will be happy to provide you with a machine for a rental fee.

28. Are your Fall Protection or Confined Space programs OSSA approved?

  • The organizations of OSSA and ENFORM merged in 2017 to become Energy Safety Canada (ESC) and we are an Authorized Provider for certain programs such as, Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry Monitor and Elevated Work Platform. Please check back often and we will post when we are able to provide these programs as open registration. (MOST ESC PROGRAMS, MEET INDUSTRY STANDARDS)

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