#1, 7053 - Farrell Rd. SE
Calgary, AB. Canada T2H 0T3
Telephone: (403) 287-8578
Toll Free: 1(888) 287-8570

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Registration is required in advance to enroll in all programs.

If space is available, we will first collect payment, register the participant and send an email confirmation of registration, detailing program information, start time and location.

Payments are accepted over the phone by
either Visa / MasterCard or in person at our facility.

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Unfortunately, we DO NOT accept American Express

To Register: (403) 287-8578



We offer FREE on-site parking along with an area for pedal bikes.

Our facility is well-equipped with a kitchen area including 2 microwaves, a fridge and seating area for students.

We provide FREE coffee, tea and water along with a vending machine that offers pop, juice and assorted snacks.

Program Check-In:  7:45 am 

If you are registered for a class, you will want to check-in and be seated prior to the start time of your program.

Walk-Ins/Standby may be accepted if space is available.

All courses start at  8:00am SHARP

Late Arrivals
Students who arrive LATE may be refused entry and will be charged the full amount for the program. Extenuating circumstances may be exempt at the discretion of Response Safety & Rescue Services.

For more information on our Terms & Conditions please CLICK HERE

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