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Hazard Assessment

1 Day (6-8 Hours)      Certification: 3 Years

Hazard Assessment
is a one-day program designed to provide students with the tools to identify and evaluate the risk of hazards in the workplace.

Time, money, and effort can be applied on a priority basis to help reduce risk in any workplace by applying various hazard controls which are discussed in detail in this program.

Learn to identify hazards and determine the degree of risk posed by each hazard and learn what risk information determines the level of hazard controls that are necessary.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • Site-Specific or Field Level Hazard Assessments
  • Legislation
  • New or revised equipment and/or procedures
  • Benefits of conducting Hazard Assessments
  • Maintain current hazard assessments
  • Task Hazard Assessments or Routine Hazard Assessments

Upon successful completion of the course material and a written examination, the student will be issued a certificate that is valid for a period of 3 years.

Check-In: 7:45am
Start Time: 8:00am sharp

Cost: $175.00 + tax


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