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Fall Protection Level II


1 Day (8 – Hours)     Certification: 3 Years

Fall Protection – Level II is a  one-day program that is designed to give active users a thorough understanding of fall protection including fall arrest and work positioning systems that are available in industries today.

This course will ensure that students are well versed in dealing with fall hazards and provide hands-on experience/applications with different types of fall protection equipment.

Along with the hands-on techniques, the instructor demonstrates three (3) actual drop tests with a CSA 220 lb. test weight. One of the drop tests demonstrated is to deploy a shock absorber for class discussion.

Topics Covered:

  • Legislation
  • Ultimate User Responsibility
  • Slip, trip fall hazards
  • Scaffolding
  • Fall Protection Control Levels
  • Evaluation of Hazards in Various Scenarios
  • Potential Fall Consequences
  • Generic Fall Protection Systems
  • Selecting & Working with Assorted Systems
  • Components of a Fall Arrest System
  • Ropes & Ladders
  • Advanced Fall Protection Systems
  • Inspection of all Equipment
  • Rescue Equipment 

Full participation, hands-on demonstrations and a written examination are required to successfully complete the program and receive certification which is valid for 3 years.

Check-In: 7:45am
Start Time: 8:00am sharp

Cost: $160.00 + tax

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