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Technical Rescue LEVEL I

5 Days (45 Hours)      Certification: 2 Years

Technical Rescue – Level I (Advanced) is a five-day program designed to meet the training needs of the dedicated rescuer.

OBJECTIVE: This more advanced rope work course is for students to utilize basic techniques to solve varied and compounded problems, through practical scenarios based on actual rescue situations.

Topics Include:

  • Structure and Hazard Assessment
  • Basic Physics of Rigging Systems
  • Essential Knot Tying Techniques
  • Advantages & Limitations of Certain Rope & Rescue Equipment
  • Proper Use & Maintenance of Equipment
  • Rappelling on Various Descending Devices
  • Pick-Off of a Casualty Hanging on a Lanyard
  • Mechanical Advantages & Rigging of Haul Systems
  • Patient Packaging
  • Raising & Lowering of Patient in Litter Basket with an Attendant
  • Knot Passing Techniques
  • Utilizing Changes of Direction
  • Varied Belay Techniques
  • Additional Safety Concerns;
    (Analyzing Force Vectors, Edge Attendants,
    Personnel Communication, Back-up Systems)
  • Special Application Rescue Equipment
  • Confined space & high angle rescue techniques
  • Rescue equipment
  • Authorities & responsibilities
  • Emergency operations
  • Considerations of an effective rescue plan
  • Casualty management / WCB Transport
  • Case study outline & problem solving
  • Simulated exercises & rescues
  • Team building concepts
  • Emergency response planning & risk management
  • Varied High line systems
    (Drooping, Directional, Slopping, Twin track,
    Reeve variations, depending on needs of particular industry.

Full participation, extensive hands-on demonstrations and a written examination are required to successfully complete the program and receive certification which is valid for 2 years.

Check-In: 7:45am
Start Time: 8:00am sharp

Cost: $1600.00 + tax

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