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Fall Protection (ESC)

1 Day (6.5 Hours)      Certification: 3 Years

Fall Protection – is a  one-day Energy Safety Canada (ESC) approved program that is designed to give active users a thorough understanding of fall protection including fall arrest and work positioning systems that are available in industries today.

Designed to educate the worker in the planning, use, care and implementation of common fall protection systems, it includes both theory and practical application exercises. Participants will engage in hands-on training activities, including inspecting, fitting, adjusting and connecting fall protection systems and components.

What will I learn in this safety training course?

In this course, the following topics are covered:

  • Why fall protection is important
  • Legislative roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying and assessing fall hazards, hierarchy of controls, and development of fall protection and safe work procedures
  • Types of fall arrest systems, equipment and components
  • The use, care, storage, maintenance and inspection of fall protection equipment, systems and components
  • Fall protection system forces and clearances
  • Effects of falls and fall rescue planning


Full participation and a written examination are required to successfully complete the program and receive certification which is valid for 3 years.

Check-In: 7:45am
Start Time: 8:00am sharp

Cost: $160.00 + tax

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