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Fall Protection LEVEL III

(Fall Rescue From Height)

 Days (16 Hours)     Certification: 3 Years

Fall Protection Rescue From Height program introduces participants to industrial rescue methods and emphasizes a planned approach to rescue where the acceptable rescue methods are determined in advance. Safety of the rescue team is considered before the rescue begins and stressed throughout the program.

This program consists of both classroom and hands-on sessions. The majority of this course is allocated to exercises where each student participates and practices different rescue methods. 

Written and practical tests are administered to ensure that the principles presented in the course are understood. Documentation is available to satisfy your company’s due diligence and regulatory requirements.

Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment for this course if possible. However we have and will supply all necessary fall protection and rescue equipment for this course.

Upon the completion of this program, students will be capable of selecting and constructing various rescue systems for raising and lowering casualties from height all the while using fall protection and belaying methods to protect rescuers during rescue operations.

Students will be capable of identifying the requirements for applying different systems that they might use in a rescue. They will also be capable of rescuing an incapacitated worker from a fall arrest systems and lower them from height.

This program focuses on conducting dynamic rescues in a work setting where co-workers or team members will be responding to a worker at height or suspended in a fall arrest system.

Topics Include:

  • Fall Protection Basics
  • Rescue Knots, Bends, Hitches and Applications
  • Casualty Packaging Options
  • Rescue Rope (Static)
  • Engineered Rescue Systems (Pulleys and Winches)
  • Inspecting Rope, Hardware and Descent Devices
  • Anchoring for Rescue Systems
  • Descent Control Devices (Type 2)
  • Secondary Systems
  • Safety Belay Systems
  • Z-Haul Construction

Full participation, extensive hands-on demonstrations and a written examination are required to successfully complete the program and receive certification which is valid for 3 years.

With any Rescue Program, it is strongly recommended to set up a maintenance program for continual training.

Check-up: 7:45am
Start Time: 8:00am sharp

Cost: $375.00 + tax

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